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Enric Peidro is a self taught musician who began playing tenor at the age of fourteen.

Peidro’s sound and phrasing are deeply rooted in the swing-era and Jazz lovers all over Spain and Europe appreciate his honest, genuine and unpretentious approach and have pointed out the richness of his tenor sound and his knowledge of the classic jazz idiom.

More about Enric Peidro

A self taught musician, Peidro began playing tenor at the age of fourteen.

A couple of years later he started playing in several blues and rhythm and blues bands. His interest in Jazz developed quickly and since then, Peidro has remained loyal to his musical heroes: jazz masters like Leon «Chu» Berry, Ben Webster, Don Byas, Coleman Hawkins, Benny Carter and Lester Young as well as some of their first disciples, like Paul Gonsalves, Illinois Jacquet, Zoot Sims, Charlie Ventura, Flip Phillips, Arnett Cobb, Buddy Tate or Al Cohn among many others.

Although Peidro’s sound and phrasing are deeply rooted in the swing-era, his approach is so natural and genuine that he has achieved great popularity, being acknowledged as a real “keeper of the flame” among the classic jazz lovers all over Spain. Often labeled in the past as an “outsider», a “rara avis» or “a stylist swimming against the current” by some jazz writers, at the same time he’s always been regarded in high esteem by the jazz media (critics, magazines etc). They have always appreciated his honest, genuine and unpretentious approach and have pointed out the richness of his tenor sound and his knowledge of the classic jazz idiom.

In the later years, he works mainly as a leader with two main units under his name: a quartet consisting of him plus a rhythm section as well as with a six-piece band (often augmented to 7 or 8 pieces) wich under the name of Enric Peidro Swingtet has become increasingly popular in the Jazz scene not only in Spain but also in Europe, touring quite a lot and delivering some swingin’ jazz to the audiences everywhere. As a leader he has recorded 16 CDs under his own name with several different units and as a sideman his recorded work goes up to 35 CDs at last count.

Beside his projects as a leader, he loves to play in other bands either as a sideman or sharing the leadership duties with other musicians. Currently he co-leads a quintet with international sax player and entertainer Ray Gelato with whom he tours quite often. Together they have released one album entitled «With all due respect». In the spring of 2022 the new album of The Ray Gelato- Enric Peidro Quintet: «Live at the Polisònic» will be released. A live recording from a concert that took place in August 2020.

Also, he frequently tours with world class trombone player Dan Barrett, with whom he also co-leads a quintet that in 2018 released their first cd (And the angels swing/Snibor records) which was more than well received, getting very good reviews by the jazz media. The 2018 release was followed by a second album (It goes without saying/Snibor records) and very soon a new album will be on the market (What a wonderful world / Snibor records) which proves the extraordinary health of the musical relationship between Barrett and Peidro.

A particularly interesting unit which also features Peidro is the «International Classic Jazz All Stars» which include among others musicians Australian bass player and vocalist Nicki Parrott, French drummer Guillaume Nouaux and London based piano man Richard Busiakiewicz. Other musicians with whom Peidro occasionally teams up include vocalists Rebecca Kilgore and Jessie Gordon, drummers Michael Keul and Eddie Metz Jr or vibraphonists Martin Breinschmid and Arturo Serra to name just a few.

Always a hard worker, Peidro’s schedule keeps him busy most of the year and as he has done for the last 20 years he keeps relentlessly exploring the legacy of the masters of tenor sax he admires, trying to find his personal voice within that musical language and delivering swinging, creative and imaginative music to audiences worldwide.