There are four levels of Lindy Hop classes at Lindy Hopper’s Delight 2025. When you sign up for a full pass you will get 6 hours of Lindy Hop Classes with our invited teachers. You also have access to the two classes with Quinndy.

Intermediate Lindy Hop

You probably have been dancing for 1-2 years and you know the basics, such as Frankie’s 6’s, Swing Out, Circle, Side by Side Charleston, Tandem Charleston.  Also, you can dance 6 counts and 8 counts in the same song without a problem.

Int/Adv Lindy Hop

You probably have been dancing for 2-4 years and you know the basic steps very well.

Now you are interested in learning new vocabulary but also refining your basics, improving your lead and follow connection and getting more musical in your dancing.

Advanced Lindy Hop

You have probably been dancing Lindy Hop for several years and this most likely is not your first Lindy Hop Workshop. You are looking to work on the quality of your basic movement and your musicality, as well as lead and/or follow connection at a higher level.

You might be a local teacher and you have probably tried competing a few times. 

You are comfortable dancing to a bit faster music as well as to slower music, and you are comfortable adding new rhythms to your dancing. You probably know a bit of dance history as well as Jazz history. 

Top Level Lindy Hop

This level is for dancers who have been dancing Lindy Hop for a long time, most likely dancers who teach or practice at a high level.

If you are looking for a big challenge and you’re ready to work on your dancing, this is the level for you.

You are very comfortable dancing to faster music as well as slower music. You know a lot about dance history as well as Jazz history. 

These guidelines are designed to help you choose the right level for yourself but we understand that it might be hard to find the level which fits you the best. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the levels. We will move people to the correct levels if we believe they have placed themselves incorrectly.

Class venue – THE HOXTON – 

Our main venue is called The Hoxton, and all classes will be held there (or close to there if we need more rooms). There is more than 400m2 of dancing space and we will divide the space into two dance rooms during day. The address is Avinguda Diagonal, 205. It’s very close to the metro station Glories (Red Line).